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Our mission is to provide the best .blue domain name for your business,  blog, personal webpage or whatever type of website you are creating!


And if we don't have the name you're looking for, we will find it for you!  Just let us know if we can help by sending a message, or calling.

Why Invest In Domain Names?


Domain investors, who are good at what they do, usually aim to sell their domain 10 to 15 times when they buy domain names, which is an excellent return. Domain name investments are similar to real estate investments, the purchase and sale of a domain name is a domain investment with the aim of achieving a strong return. Don't be afraid to buy a property that you think could grow in value in the future.


There is only so much cyber real estate, so you have to invest if you can own an extraordinarily coveted domain name.


The effort required to acquire and maintain a domain name is almost ridiculous. Many top-level domains can be purchased for less than $1,000 and reversed for thousands of dollars depending on demand. If you can, anyone can maintain a top-level domain with a few hundred thousand dollars in capital investment, and many of them can flip and flip for hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on domain demand.


The trick to buying a top-level domain is to be able to predict what the next hot topic might be. This is what most people who are reading this can expect, but it is not the whole answer to the cost of domain registration. Depending on the domain extension you choose, you can pay between $10 and $12 for a new domain.


At the bottom end, you can register a domain for less than $1,000 for a top-level domain and up to $5,500 for an extension.


At the top end, popular domain names sell for up to $10 million, and some of the leading technology companies that dominate the market today are among the first to register their own domains.

Since 2005, the price of domain rights has been relatively low, and domain names are relatively easy to obtain. Domains went through a bubble phase in the early 2000s, when the Internet became a first-class domain with intrinsic value.


However, as a new sector of domain speculators and resellers emerged, keyword-based domain names began to become a real investment, especially in the early 2000s.


Millions of domain names expire every year if their owners do not pay to renew them, and the second best domain name is expired by the companies that use the technology to crack the domain. The second largest source of expired domains in the US are expired domains due to the fact that they are too expensive to register and too difficult to re-register.


This means that domainers (the word for people who invest in domains) must use so-called "dropcatch" companies to acquire domains.


Below is a list of some of the leading domain name registrars who register your domain names without registration fee. NameCheap offers over five million domain names worldwide, and there are so many other sites where you can buy a plethora of domains with names with a click of a button.


A simple - on-the-eyes website that offers a great UX experience, which means you can purchase it effortlessly for just $0.88. If you are very trademarked and memorable, your domain guarantees people a lot of valuable traffic because it is the way they would type it in their browser when looking for accommodation.


This is an exceptionally valuable domain name, but the selling price is far from being an ordinary selling day. The majority of days on which domain names are sold are in the form of a one-day sale with a price of $1,000 or less.


This premium domain, BetterGardens.com, has established itself as a pioneer by spending money on advertising and giving it back to its users.


Because premium domain names are more memorable, your business can get a head start when you try to build traffic to your website. Premium domains have names that contain popular search terms, which means that potential customers can already enter the domain and search for companies like you. The name you want to buy belongs to a similar company that no longer needs it, so it draws more value from you.


If you come up with such golden domain names, that seems rather a long way, you can still make a decent amount of money if you decide to buy or sell the domain as a part - business opportunity on a temporary basis.


In 2013, more than 183 million domain names were registered and used in the United States alone, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Large parts of these domain names are hoarded by domain pinball machines who then resell them to new buyers. This article is aimed at those who are willing to enter the business of selling domain names at a profit.


Investing in domain names is a simple concept, but there is a lot going on before we dig in. In essence, domain investment means buying a domain name and then selling it for more than you bought. Domain investors look for domains that meet their investment criteria, buy the name and then sell it to other domain investors or people who want to use the domain for a website.